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While I focus on Twitch Streamers, I also research ways of bringing knowledge to my stream and share with my followers. Lately, I mostly spend my time researching on ways to bring up more exposure to twitch streamers throught the social media platform. Sharing your content live is one of my strengths but my true power is to bring you knowledge how to tap on the power of the internet to bring fans to your twitch channel.

Bringing content creators who are established on the games you want to stream to You


I stream Monday to Friday at 8:30pm EST. You can follow me as twitch streamer, along and ask questions about why I do what I do. I also offer a service where I will promote your gaming content, helping you bring exposure to your channel and become an all-around better streamer. 

About Me


twitch build : I can't remember when I didn't stream to help small streamers. I still revisit some of the classic past broadcast for the sake of a nostalgia kick. On the rare days when I was streaming for myself.