You got Invited to Twitch team Spoc, NOW what?


Twitch Scouting Team Assemble!

First I want to say thank you for accepting the invitation and be part of twitch team spoc. How we came to see your channel? It's pretty simple, we have a great team of scouts roaming the twitch platform into seeking small streamers and we want to help as many as we can .Therefore, if you are a small streamer chances are that you may be invited to our team/community.

Now what should I do?

Promoting your gaming content on Spoc's channel

Will give you an edge to your channel allowing you to meet similar content creators other streamers who play the same games as you on stream and are established streamers within those games. Which means they have an audience and willing to share with other streamers like you.

Persistence and dedication

There's no selling point here this is an opportunity as a content creator to establish and allow you to be part of a community of streamers and to persist your channels growth by meeting new contacts and new streamers within twitch team spoc and the Twitch Platform.

Only you as a content creator can be what you want , If in time ,persistence and dedication to your channel depending how much time you put into it you will see growth. Now the principle of this approach is to bring up your time that is limited to it's most efficient way to grow your channel.

How can you help?

Team Hosting

Team hosting is a vital source of potential brand awareness for the streamer auto hosting while She/He is offline and the one receiving the host while streaming. 

Adding a banner of team spoc

Adding a banner of spoc in your channel and linking to spoc's channel will bring diversity to Spoc's Livestreams of new streamers willing to connect with similar content creators. Simple yet such a great way to contribute awareness of the community.

Be aware of your audience

Now that you are part of twitch team spoc, when you livestream you will have potential visitors and those who will visit you may be potential content creators established streamers who may have already a loyal fan base around the games you play.Make sure you keep growing and finding new contacts!

Raiding at the end of your stream!

Be smart when you raid , You're playing fortnite you got a couple of viewers you're about to close your stream. Find a streamer who is live that is playing the same game as you do. Pass by drop a follow see if he responds if yes, drop a raid on him or her . This is the most efficient way to grow awareness of your channel! in or outside of the twitch team spoc community.

Make sure you are raiding a streamer with similar content and the same amount of viewers so you can double digits everytime!

Join Spoc's Livestreams

Joinning my livestreams is by far the best way to reach out the streamers looking for new contacts or established content creators

  • Changing games? Go see spoc
  • Looking to grow your channel to the game you already stream go see spoc
  • Are you building up a community ,go see spoc and seek for new members
  • Just started or want to build your youtube,twitter,discord? Go see SPOC!
  • Wanna join an esports team , get sponsors or simply improuve your overlays,intros , emotes GO SEE SPOC! 
  • Anything that revolves around how to grow your twitch channel asking questions
  • Twitch Channel Spoc


As this whole system focuses around Spoc's channel for one reason using this approach centralizes and focus all potential growth within for direct yet fully organic growth amongst Twitch streamers that are part of twitch team spoc and new members on a daily basis.

Having it focused around it will bring up awareness growth and knowledge to your Brand as a Content Creator/Gamer/Streamer

and much more

This enables you as an artist to bring up business as well to your channel.

Perfect for Sponsors who want their products to be seen on livestream and talked about.

Looking for clans/pro-gamers esports teams this is also the best place for it.

Looking for partners to dualstream and work on projects , Programmers , Graphic designers,IT support this is a community full of skillful and knowledgeable people. It has become more than just a promotional ground it is a community flourishing like never before yes again Around / Twitch team spoc and the spocs social network.

Welcome to twitch team spoc